What a year 2020 has been. My heart goes out to all of my beautiful couples who have postponed or changed plans for your special day. I’m praying that the biggest trends in 2021 see a return to communities we love.

As a result of all we have experienced we are going to see a shift in future wedding trends. Weddings will be smaller than they have been in the past. Which can be a wonderful thing, as a couple you have the opportunity to share your commitment with those closest to you. It also means that you will be able to connect with a truly share time with each of your guests. Intimate weddings are some of my favourite and I feel this style of wedding allows your personalities shine through. Your wedding day should be a reflection of who you are as a couple and this will give you every opportunity to do this. I am really looking forward to working with couples in the near future.

2021 is going to see a huge influx in weddings, so if you want to get in right now and book a planning chat with me please reach out . Some of the biggest trends and changes we are likely to see next year include:

Buying Local

There is no doubt Covid19 has had a massive effect on the Australian economy, so now is the time to support local suppliers and makers. When you are looking for suppliers consider Australian made and owned, not only are you sure to receive high quality products you will also be doing all you can to help small and local business.

Thanks and Gratitude

I feel 2020 has shown us how fortunate we all are and taught us that more than ever we need to be thankful for the people we have in our lives. There are several ways you can incorporate your appreciation for the people in your lives, such as:

  • Personalising your Thank You notes and Wedding favours, yes they will be slightly more time consuming but so appreciated
  • Choosing special guests to take home floral arrangements at the end of the day.
  • Hiring a babysitter for any of your guests with small children to give these parents a desperately needed time out.
  • Consider instead of a wishing well that you invite guests to make a donation to a chosen charity and create a board of the charities you are supporting.

Locavore Menus

Australia is blessed with some of the best produce in the world. In 2021 we will see shift toward supporting locally sourced produce. Your wedding is a great opportunity to support your local farmers, growers and distillers with a menu focused around highlighting the best produce and wine in your area.

Sticking with Tradition

Weddings will see trends return to the heart of what they were intended for. A special day to share with your closest family and friends. A moment in time to celebrate with those you hold dear. Experts are predicting a return to a time gone by, traditional gowns, traditional speeches and couples incorporating treasured memories into their day. There is sure to be more sentimentality to your special day.

Let Me Entertain You

Colour Pallets

With many states placing restrictions on mingling and dancing there will be a trend toward finding new ways to entertain your guests. Think theatrical performances, personalised cocktail bars, children’s entertainment, and street artists.

With a return to more traditional weddings we are sure to see a return to traditional muted colour pallets such as blush, ivory and soft eucalypt. The key will be designing a pallet that gives the feel of relaxed, calm and intimate.

Eco Friendly

Rustic and Boho

Right now the earth is in a better place than it has been for some time thanks to us all being locked away. Now we have the chance to help it continue to recover. You can play a part in this on your special day by including a tree planting ceremony as a part of your vows, supporting local producers, choosing a venue that is the perfect backdrop, gifting plant seeds to your guests and looking for an ethically produced or second hand gown. The ideas go on forever and this is where a planner who loves the earth as much as you do can help inspire you to create an Eco friendly wedding.

While these themes have been quite trendy over the past few years I can see with trends toward sustainability and supporting local they will become even stronger. These themes evoke a sense of intimacy and are the ideal setting to personalise. Bringing your guests closer to you and you more connected to them than you have been for a long time.

Creating an Ambiance

Fabric and Gowns

Soft lighting will continue to be popular next year, the use of fairy lights, clear festoon lights and candles will still be a huge feature. However we will see lighting used to create a truly intimate setting by using long tables enclosed with lights to create a cave like environment. A beautiful way of staying in your bubble. Flowers will be used in a similar fashion creating tunnels of flowers and foliage.

Continuing on with the return to tradition we are likely to see a return to the classic Duchesse satin gowns. This fabric is classic and luxurious creating a stunning bridal silhouette. Coming into Summer and Autumn we will see more strapless gowns, while also seeing a return to a more demure covered up look.

Breaking the Mould

Timeless Heirlooms

While there is going to be a return to tradition we are also going to see many couples choosing to totally break the mould. Given all the rules and restrictions we have been living under this is really no surprise. Breaking the rules for your day gives you the ability to be exactly who you as a couple need to be. Rip up the rule book and be free to shine.

Many brides will be looking to purchase items to complement their look that can become a family heirloom. There will be many stunning headpieces and tiaras designed to be passed onto future generations. A beautiful way to keep the memories of your day going forever.

Micro weddings

Off Peak Weddings

We are seeing trends of Weddings with 50 or less guests already. These are going to become more and more popular as the year goes on. Lock down has seen us all reflect on what is really important to us. A small intimate wedding doesn’t mean couples won’t splash out it just means you will be able to share a far more indulgent moment with a few people because your budget won’t be as thinly spread.

Given so many couples will be rescheduling their wedding we will see a trend toward couples being married during the week and outside of the traditional wedding season. Vendors will be booking out fast so don’t wait.

Overall wedding trends are going to have a deeper meaning. You’ve been waiting so long for this day, you know exactly what you want to create the perfect day. The most important thing is not the trends but to begin married life. Worldwide couples will be rejoicing knowing they can celebrate their happily ever after moment with their nearest and dearest.