2022 Wedding Trend

Wedding trends come and go over time. Some stick around for years, Rustic I’m looking at you, while others disappear quicker than you can blink, proposal boxes! My prayer is that the biggest trend we see for 2022 will be that couples are able to get married with freedom. Freedom to choose who they invite and how many they invite, freedom to dance, freedom to not wear masks, freedom to socialise and freedom to have their wedding day on the date they booked. All the things that we used to take for granted are sure to become the biggest trends we see. 

Garden Weddings

According to the most recent Easy Weddings Industry Report the most popular wedding theme is currently Garden Weddings. Yes, Rustic has finally been kicked out of number one spot! Outdoor This theme is likely to continue well into 2022 as it gives couple the freedom to move with wedding outdoors. With this trend comes a romantic softness and candle lit glow.

Smaller Weddings

Yes, we are still going to see 2022 trends toward smaller weddings as many couples are still feeling cautious. But perhaps these trends could also come from the newfound appreciation we have for the most important people in our lives. You can read more about my thoughts on small weddings here.

Garden Wedding Trend
Soft Pastels are on Trend in 2022

Soft Pastels

This colour pallet lends itself perfect to outdoor garden weddings. Feminine, romantic, and gentle.

Online invites

Another more environmentally friendly option on trend right now is to send online invites. These don’t need to be just an email, platforms such as Greenvelope have an incredible selection of designs and will also allow you to track RSVP’s, food tolerances and even vaccination status of your guests.

Family Dining

Another beautiful addition to a garden wedding is the less formal family style dining. Think huge trays of food spread across the table. A true elegant Italian style feast. Which also lends itself to a more sustainable focus. Focus your food selections on what’s in season and grown locally not only will everything you serve taste divine the environment won’t take such a big hit.

Simple Guest Gifting

Over the top guest favours are becoming a thing of the past now with couples opting for simple gifts such as their favourite lollies or cookies. A great way to personalise gifts without the need for names or messages.

Consider Family Dining for your reception
Bring the inside out with over the top lighting features

Bring the inside out

Just because you are having an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean that it can’t be a little extra. Chandeliers, candles, soft furnishings, and draping will add a lux feel to your evening outdoors.

Eco Weddings

While the concept of eco weddings may not be in the latest trends, everything that is on trend points toward couples enjoying a wedding with a lower carbon footprint. Consider how else you can plan a more environmentally friendly wedding. There is nothing more on-trend than caring for our beautiful earth.

Taking a Moment

We all know that planning your wedding can be stressful and for some couples the day can be a little overwhelming. Therefore, this trend is so important. Take a moment to share some time for just the two of you. Whether that be a first look, a private photo shoot or taking a little time after your ceremony to share your personal thoughts with each other.

Taking a moment to breathe will always be on trend

When looking at what’s on trend don’t forget to think outside the box just a little. This is your wedding day, and you want it to be as unique as your relationship. Don’t forget if at any stage of your planning you need a little extra help or advice we are here for you. Simply click through to our Contact page and make a time to chat.