White Rose Gum Corner Arbour Frame

White and greenery. Perfect for wooden or corner arbours. Hire as a stand alone or with one of our arbours. 1.4m L along the top and 0.9m down the side.


Pippa Floral Arbour Piece

A light peach floral, great for arbour or arches. 2 available, 1m in length.

$60 ea.

large white roses
White Roses Arbour Piece

Measuring at around 3m long this stunning full white arbour piece is a fantastic addition to our arbours. Could also be used as a bridal table runner.


Ruby 4 Piece Floral Set 

Included in set arbour piece, bridal table piece and two decorative plinth florals.

Bridal 1.5m L x 0.4m D / Arbour – 1m L x .2m D / Decorative – .3m x .3m

$120 for the set.

Gold Stand with Ruby Flowers 

Ruby & light pink floral on a stand. Stands 80cm tall. 8 Available.

$16 ea.

Wendy (Large Floral)

Large white florals for arbour or a statement decorative piece. 2 available, 2.0m W x 0.7m H.

$80 ea.

pink floral for plinth cake stand

Blush Plinth Piece 

Mix pink floral for plinth or cake stand.

2 available


gold vase with pink posie

Blush Posy in Gold Vase

Gold vase with blush posy for table styling. 5 available.

$15 ea.

Blush Posy

Gorgeous blush posies for tables or decoration or bouquets. x 5 available

$15 ea.

Decorative white floral for stand
White Rose Decorative Flowers 

White florals for plinth or stands. 2 available, 0.8m H x 0.6m W.

$50 for the set.

White Roses Display Arrangement

White roses with greenery. Ideally placed as table centrepieces or on plinths.

12 available

$15 ea.

You can see some of these beautiful arrangements at real events over in our gallery page. Our wedding planners will work with you to style your event. If what your heart desires can’t be seen just ask and we shall find.