Planning you wedding is stressful there is no doubt, however sharing love through the planning is what will ensure you have a happy long-lasting marriage. It’s so important to take time during your planning to remember why you are doing this and re connect with what makes your relationship so special. Love bought you to this place, let it be love that guides your through the whole event.

Here are a few of my top tips to keep the love alive in the lead up to your special day.

Make time for things your love as a couple outside of planning.

Don’t dedicate every moment of the next couple of years to planning your wedding. Yes there are things you need to get done in order for the event to be all you dream of. But the most important action you can both take is to ensure your relationship is strong. Do this by taking breaks from planning even a pre wedding holiday can be a great way to reconnect and remember who you are and why you have chosen each other.

Make the big decisions first.

Talk about what you must have and can live without from the very beginning. Discuss and set in place your budget before you book anything at all. This will help eliminate arguments along the way and ensure you are both in the same wedding planning book.

Talk about your relationship.

I recommend to all couples to organise a pre-marital counselling course before your wedding day. Even if you have been together for years and years there may still be something that comes up that you had never considered. Now is the time for totally open and honest conversations.

Don’t get weighed down by the small details

While the small details can add a special touch to your day don’t let them overwhelm you. Focus instead on the elements of your wedding that you know you and your guests will remember with fondness forever. Be willing to make compromise for the sake of your sanity. For example, if one supplier has most of the equipment you are looking for but one element is slightly different to what you had envisioned consider do you really need to stress yourself and your budget with an extra vendor and an extra delivery cost? Or can you compromise with an alternative that is easier and more cost effective to hire?

Don’t let comparison take over

Don’t focus your attention too much on the opinions of others or on what other people have done at their wedding. Using the experiences of others is fine, looking back to work out what worked and what didn’t also fine. But don’t let other experiences change your mind too much. This is your day make sure you stick to your dream and don’t replicate someone else’s.

Have Fun!!

This is such an important step to remember. If it’s not fun anymore take some time to move away and look at the bigger picture. You are starting a whole life together, it is so important that it starts from a place of joy, fun and love. And remember when it’s all feeling too much Love conquers all. Say I love you to your partner and really mean it. Every day you share together is a gift that should be cherished forever.

Ask for help!

Please please please, if you are feeling like it’s just all too much and the stress is starting to take a toll on your relationship contact me. Ask me to help you. My priority always will be your relationship and I will work with you to not only make sure you have the wedding of your dreams but that your relationship is given the time it needs to blossom.

Don’t forget Valentines day is coming up this month. While it is a great opportunity to shower your partner with a little extra love, giving and receiving love filled moments year round is what marriage is all about.