Winter Wedding

Planning a Winter Wedding adds whole new element to your special day. In some countries it may look as if it is a magical winter wonderland.  However in Australia, especially Melbourne, it is more likely to be dark, grey and wet with a little wind chill added in for extra fun. While this is certainly true hosting a winter wedding can also be hugely beneficial to the budget. This means all the little details you wanted to add you might find you can now do as the budget loosens just a little.

The most important thing to consider when hosting a winter wedding is the comfort of your guests. Yes a ceremony outdoors under the sparkle of fairy lights looks lovely but your guests may well be turning blue.  SO it’s up to you to make sure your dreams are coming true and your guests are able to enjoy the whole day. How can you do this though, our top tips should get you through the winter season.

Choose a suitable Venue: look for a venue that offers intimacy and warmth. A fireplace always adds an element of comfort. Also make sure your venue offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options as there is a high chance it will rain.

Keep your bridal party warm: Most bridesmaid and bridal gowns are lacking warmth, especially over the arms. Consider adding a fake fur wrap or jacket. Not only will this look beautifully wintery they will appreciate the added warmth.

Load baskets with blankets: Especially for your ceremony. This will keep those bare legs toasty and warm during your vows ensuring no chattering teeth can be heard.

“If Kisses were Snowflakes, I’d send you a Blizzard”

Serve Hot Drinks: are you considering personalising a cocktail? Perhaps for a winter wedding you could consider serving mulled wine. Or for a non-alcoholic treat a hot chocolate station.

Splurge on Umbrellas: make sure your guests stay dry by offering umbrellas at the entrance point to your venue.

Style to suit: think twinkling snow drops. You can recreate this looks with fairy lights and candles dotted throughout the ceremony and reception spaces. Why not bring some colourful fun into the day with brightly coloured flower arrangements.

Serve Comfort food: If you have the option to choose your menu look for meals that are wholesome and hearty. Nothing feeds the soul more than winter comfort food.

Think outside the desert box: If you are hosting your wedding on a private property this could be super fun. Marshmallows around the campfire or even a S ’mores station. Keeping it warm is the trick

Choose your music well: Nothing warms the body more than dancing. Invite all your guests onto the dance floor to shake away those winter blues.

With a little extra time and thought your winter wedding will be a magical day. It will be a day that will live on in the hearts of your guests forever. And you will both remember forever that wild and wintry day that you shared your story with those closest to you for all the right reasons. If you are feeling that you made need a little extra help bringing together your Winter Wonderland Wedding please reach out, we are here to help.