Newly Engaged Planning

Congratulations on your engagement. Now you get to start planning one of the most important, special, and amazing days of your life… (for some, cue feelings of dread, anxiety, and stress). I know too well that wedding planning can be overwhelming, exhausting, and stressful… but it doesn’t need to be, and I want to do everything I can to ensure it isn’t.

This is such a wonderful time in your life.

We all know it can also be stressful especially when the questions and requests from well-meaning family and friends start flooding in. But I want this time to be enjoyable for you, I want this to be a time when you feel truly connected as a couple and can sit together in 10 years’ time and remember every moment of your special day and the lead up to it. Sometimes the hardest place to start is knowing where to start, hopefully this timeline and my start up tips will help you plan your special day.

Have the big conversations at very beginning!

We know talking money is never fun but setting your budget for your big day at the very start will eliminate a whole lot of worry during the coming months. So, start a spreadsheet, or download our free Budget Planning Kit and you will be able to work your budgeting priorities.

Know what you want!

It is so important that you talk with each other about what you want. How do you envision your day and how does your partner? Are you on the same page or are you in totally different fairy-tale? What are you both willing to compromise on and what is something that you just can’t imagine being without? Make sure before you rush into major decisions and put deposits down that you are 100% sure. This is great practice for the rest of married life too.

Not everyone has to have an input.

Remember this day is about you and your partner joining as one. While it is lovely and important to have input from people closest to you, you don’t have to take on the “advice” or “recommendations” of everyone you know. Just because your friend got married last month doesn’t mean they know everything about your day. Run your race, create your dream wedding, be happy and content with the decisions you make. In 10 years’, time will you be happy with the choices you made.

This is an exciting time, celebrate it!

Whether you choose to celebrate your engagement with a photo shoot, a huge, big party or a small intimate lunch really doesn’t matter. But find some way to celebrate this special time in your life with the people who matter most to both of you.

Don ‘t let this consume you!

Don’t spend every moment thinking and planning your wedding. We know it’s exciting and you can’t stop thinking about it but don’t let it become an all-consuming stress in your life. Take time out to remember what’s important in your lives, take time to breathe, take time to just be together. Remember… it is far more important to plan and create the ideal marriage and relationship than the perfect wedding day. Your wedding day is just one day in the rest of your lives – your marriage is forever. Take time to nurture it.

Now onto your timeline. Hopefully this guide will clarify when to do what and give you and insight as to how wedding businesses think. If you are looking for a little more advice, please download my full DIY Wedding Planning Kit.

Working toward your wedding

18 Months to go

Celebrate your engagement

Set your ideal date or time of year

Determine your budget

Create your guest list

Hire a wedding planner

Think about your style

Research venues

Choose your bridal party

11 months to go

Choose your colour theme

Book the big spend vendors

Book your venues

Start dress shopping

Start looking for stationery

9 months to go

Book your dress designer or order your dress

Post save the dates

Meet with a selection of Officiants to choose the one

Shop for bridal party outfits

Book your florist

Organise a gift register

6 months to go

Book musicians

Order hire equipment for both ceremony and reception

Choose your cake

Breathe you are getting there

3 months to go

Send your invitations

Start writing your vows

Enjoy your bachelor parties

Organise your song selection

Organise gifts (thank you, bridal party, and any others you feel have gone above and beyond)

1 month to go

Practice your first dance

Finalise vendor payments

Finalise table stationery and signs

Final dress fitting

Break in your shoes (yes all of you)

You can find even more tips and advice for finding your wedding style in our DIY Wedding Planning Kit.  Of course if ever you are finding planning is just getting too much for you both, please reach out. We are here for you and want to see your dreams bought to life.