outdoor smaller wedding event

Is bigger, better? The more 2020 unfolds the more it seems that no is the answer! Thanks to the events of this year we’re seeing a rise is small intimate events of 20-100 people – and they are stunning! More people are realising that the current restrictions might be the perfect excuse to trim their wedding budget and leave that nosey great-aunt off the guest list. Not only are smaller weddings cheaper they also have an intimacy that larger events just don’t have.

Smaller guest lists mean that you have more options for your venue – you can go somewhere a little different rather than the same old vineyard or event hall. For really intimate weddings of 20 or so people, favoured restaurants are also an option for the reception and a great alternative to catering companies under the current restrictions. Outdoor weddings are also very much in style which, as well as the smaller guest list lends itself nicely to food truck catering and offering a different kind of experience for your wedding guests. Which is not only cheaper but also makes a usually uneventful part of the reception and makes it photo worthy. Why? Gorgeously styled and themed food trucks add a pop of fun to an outdoor venue.

With fewer people to look after you can have a bit of fun with the entertainment and the food. From having an open-mic policy rather than traditional speeches to lawn games like giant Jenga, you are bound to create unexpected and priceless memories of your big day. There’s also some wiggle room with food when it comes to smaller events. With only 50 or so people coming a DIY sundae or Donut bar is a great way to have some fun with your guests while providing a delicious and stylish dessert option. Pinterest is full of ideas of fun and stylish reception activities that will not only create beautiful memories for you and your guests but serve as gorgeous an intimate photo-ops. Or, work with one of our amazing wedding planners to guide you through the process and consider all your options.  

For smaller events, you can enlist your family members to help with catering – how perfect would it be to serve a signature homemade family dish at your wedding? The best way to create a special bond between you and your guests as well as with your partner is to make things intimate and what better way to do that than serving the famed family recipes from both sides of the new union. What a way to get to know the in-laws!

Although a small wedding is often not everyone’s first choice, we’re seeing more and more how a smaller guest list opens up options for a more tailored and personalised and fun filled wedding with less structure and more excitement. It’s definitely something to consider in 2020 but also something that will be popular in years to come as more people ditch the grandeur for the warmth of a small wedding.