personalised centrepieces

There is no doubt weddings and flowers go hand in hand. However for some they are not personalised, for others just too expensive and others may feel they are a waste. So why not look for an alternative? Why not create truly personalised centrepieces that share your story and personalities. This is the one day of your life where you can re-write the rule book and create something that is you all over!

Book lovers

There is nothing better than cuddling up with a good book in front of the fire place on a cold winters day. If this sounds like something you and your partner love sharing bring it to your wedding. Pile up your fave books as table centrepieces surrounded by (enclosed) candles to create a warm cosy feel. You could even name your tables after your fave authors and each table features this author’s works.

Earth Lovers

Nothing says I love you more than an earth loving couple. Share your love for the earth with your friends by inspiring them to do more. Include elements like potted plants such as lavender which your guests can then take home to plant. You could even have a collection of small potted plants as a centrepiece which would also serve as guest gifts. If you are looking for table runners foliage sourced from your surrounding area brings a more personal touch and is more earth friendly than artificial.   

Music Lovers

Often it’s the music that makes a wedding memorable. If you are music lovers why not cover candle jars in your fave sheet music let the music shine. Instead of mirrors as a base for your centrepiece perhaps an old record will suit your theme. Or if you are more into the music festival scene create centrepiece featuring miniature disco balls and flashing lights. It’s all about the atmosphere and this could continue onto the dance floor by creating a scaled down festival experience, you could even add in a mosh pit!

Disney Lovers

Nothing says welcome like Beauty and the Beasts “Be Our Guest”. Using this piece as your entrance song sets the scene for the Disney fun. Creating personalised centrepieces focused on your fave Disney movies will bring a magical, whimsical touch to your day. Imagine a miniature gold carriage beside Cinderellas glass slipper. Or Mickey and Minnie ears on top of a pair of oversized shoes. A single gold genie lantern on top of a rich purple cloth and you have bought Aladdin to the table.

Beach Lovers

This is the perfect theme for gathers. Spend some time prior to your wedding wandering your local beaches to collect drift wood. These pieces with tea light candles scattered along the table make for the perfect beach theme. Keep everything else clean and crisp or add a little hessian into the mix for a beach rustic vibe.

Exploration Lovers

You’ve travelled the world together, you’re explorers at heart. Bring this to the table by naming each of your tables after memorable places you have seen. Add elements of these places to the tables with items you have collected along the way. Fabric from that incredible market you visited in India will add a pop of colour. Create pyramids for another centrepiece as a memory of that time you visited the ancient sites in Egypt.  

Food Lovers

What better way to share you love for food and all things cooking with fun antique cooking elements as centrepieces. You could really have fun with this collecting antique bowls and filling them with candles. Antique mix masters draped in foliage. Canisters filled with cooking utensils and draped in fairy lights. Or you could brighten the table up with lolly trees and Giant lollipop vases.  

Minimalist Lovers

Keep it simple yet still elegant and sparkly with candles. Simple tall clear glass vases filled with plain white pillar candles. Or you could choose a more ornate gold framed candle holder and run these the length of your table. The key to a minimalist look is less is more. Place everything on your table and then remove something. Keeping your crockery plain white with gold cutlery accents and white napkins is also a beautiful way to create a minimal elegant wedding.

No matter what your style or theme bringing in personalised centrepieces to your wedding will give you a truly unique celebration. One that is true to you and your story as a couple. If you are finding styling your wedding all to much or you are feeling overwhelmed with choice make time to book a free consult with us and lets help you with a magical mood board.