rustic wedding

It’s no secret that many couples are ditching the rigid rules of traditionally styled weddings and opting for something a little more freeing. Enter, rustic weddings. The number one way to have an elegant, intimate reception that breaks all the rules in the best ways. Let’s break down why rustic weddings are the ideal way to create a special day no one will be able to forget. So, what are the top 4 reasons why you should go with a rustic theme for your wedding…

  1. Location, location, location

Stunning old barns, beautiful vineyards and stunning scenery – there’s no limit to where you can hold your ceremony or reception when you go rustic. Check out just a few of these beautiful farms in the Melbourne area that are practically begging to host stunningly intimate events. When you go for an outdoor venue like a farm or vineyard you open yourself up to a world of stunning options for your reception photos – should you pose in front of the vintage wagon or the noble vines or beneath the arches of a stunning old timey barn? Why not all of the above? You’ll probably give your photographer a headache from trying to pic between all the amazing settings available to them on your big day but one thing’s for sure the pics will be guaranteed to make your heart sing!!

2. Break all the rules or MAKE YOUR OWN RULES!

If you opt for a traditionally styled wedding, you’re pretty much locked into the same old pattern of ceremony, drinks, reception, toasts, cake, dancing etc. Whereas, if you go for a more rustic themed wedding suddenly you can add in games on the lawn for the guests, which not only makes for great entertainment but hilarious and adorable photos. And maybe you’re not cake people, maybe you’re donut people – add in a wooden donut wall or a cake made of donuts and you’ve got a wedding no one will forget in a hurry. Here and here are just a couple of different ideas!

3. You can go DIY crazyy!

If you’re a novice DIY’er who is looking to save some money on their big day by making some of the décor themselves NOTHING is more suited to this than a rustic wedding. Check out these Pinterest ideas for simple yet elegant rustic wedding decorations. Because rustic weddings thrive on their more simplistic aesthetic you can get a long way with mason jars, fairy lights and thrifted old books. Or we have a gorgeous range of DIY Hire options that would suit the rustic theme right down to the wood block!

4. Intimate & Cosy

If your wedding goals include creating cherished memories with loved ones and friends that will last a lifetime – a rustic wedding is where it’s at. From the giant jenga on the lawn to an intimate reception in a restored barn – when it comes to creating a vibe of love and happiness you really can’t beat a rustic themed wedding. By mixing aspects of old and new you can appeal to all your guests and the added freedom you get by opting for a unique venue will let you customise your wedding experience so that it is PERFECT for you and your partner.

That should get you going well on your way to planning your rustic wedding! If you need any assistance on the way, our wedding planners at Socially Styled Events are one call away!