Small is the New Black

Your wedding day is one you will remember for the rest of your life. This is the moment you have to celebrate the commitment you are making to each other and to declare your love in front of those who mean the most to you.  When you close your eyes and imagine this what do you see? For so many of you this dream may have changed a lot during the past couple of years and that’s not surprising. The intention has shifted the desire is to be married. For this reason many couples are choosing to host a small weddings. How we connect with people has changed and I truly feel that small weddings are the new black. What is it that makes a smaller wedding such a magical experience? Let’s have a look at some of the ticks in the box.

Small Weddings Equal Smaller Budget

Naturally when you are only hosting a small collection of people costs such as catering, venue, drinks, and gifts will all be reduced. Even if the cost per head doesn’t change the number of guests will resulting in a lower spend? Perhaps for you this means you can splurge on something you really wanted to have or perhaps it means the money can go toward you future together.

Spend Real Time with Guests

Small weddings give you the chance to make the most of every conversation. Rather than jumping from one guest to the next for a quick “thanks for coming” you will have time to share a conversation, have a dance, play a game, or share a drink. Whatever it is you will be making lasting memories with each of your guests.

Personalise Every Moment

From your guest gifts, to invitations to thank you notes and everything in between you will be able to personalise. Mostly because you will find with less guests you will have more time to focus on the little things. These little things really do matter and they show such appreciation and thought for your guests.

Less Seating Arrangement Dramas

When you know all your guests so well you will find seating them will be a breeze. Rather than having to worry about who doesn’t like who and which family member has an issues with something. Everyone will be together you could even choose to have a take a seat not a side arrangement. This will also result in a greater chance for your guests to have real conversations with each other.

Your Special Day is Remembered

Not only will you always cherish every moment from your wedding your guests will too. Because you will all be so closely connected to each other the memories made on this day will be looked back on fondly and cherished forever.

Create Something Unique

With small weddings you have a wider variety of options for venues. You can look into booking a weekend long celebration including accommodation, you can choose a special restaurant that may not cater for larger groups. You can broaden your scope beyond the expected reception venues.

No matter what style and size wedding you decide on you will remember it for the rest of your lives. However there is something special and unique about creating a wedding that everyone has the opportunity to remember all the tiny details and moments. Making memories last forever.

If everything you have read today has inspired you to host a small wedding stay tuned because over the coming weeks we will have an all new package coming. You will hardly have to lift a finger as we give you the ultimate opportunity to be a guest at your own wedding.