wonderful world of flowers | flower styling for events

It’s no secret that planning and styling a wedding is a massive undertaking and achieving that perfect blend of sophisticated and intimate, breath-taking beauty and practicality, is no small feat. Your flower style is integral in achieving a gorgeous wedding but with so many different things to consider – from flower types and colours to arrangement sizes and placement, things can quickly get out of hand! But not to fear – we’re here to help!

When deciding on the floral style for your big day the complex lingo of florists can be intimidating for someone with no experience with flowers. Before you meet with someone who wants to get at your wallet, find out what you like and what you don’t. Pinterest is your friend here – make a board of flower inspo and a board of flower no-no’s. Add key words like rustic, boho, traditional or vintage into your search according to the style of your wedding for the best results. This way even if you don’t know exactly which flowers you want, you’ll know the vibe and style you want your floral arrangements to have and any good florist will be able to get you there. Thanks to the internet there are also online quizzes you can take to determine what floral style suits your or your partners personality. Floral arrangements are not only an integral part of the wedding day but are often a treasured keepsake of the day, so it’s important that you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Another thing to consider in planning your flowers is whether you choose live or faux flowers. While many are quick to dismiss faux flowers on the grounds that they look fake, anyone who looks a little deeper will find that this is not so. Again, hit up Pinterest and look at faux, real touch or silk flower arrangements – you’ll soon see that they can be just as stunning as the real deal often at a fraction of the price and always with a fraction of the stress. Do you want to be able to keep your bouquet perfectly preserved forever, give your guests the perfect keepsake, reuse or sell your flowers after your big day? Silk flowers have got your covered. Do you want to avoid you or your guests looking like the before picture in a hay-fever medication ad? Faux flowers are the answer. Are you keen on DIY’ing to save money? Don’t want the stress of wilting bouquets and arrangements spoiling photos of your reception? You guessed it – faux flowers are where it’s at. And for those looking for an even more budget option that still delivers high impact gorgeous arrangements, faux flower rental means that you still get the wow-factor while putting away the big bucks for your honeymoon.

Whatever your style or budget it’s important to know what you want – style, size and colour, then find out the best way to get it. Luckily for you, modern day lovebirds have hundreds of options for getting the best flowers for their big day. From a traditional florist to renting faux flowers there’s an option for everyone.

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