Wedding Entertainment

Entertainment at weddings extends far beyond DJ or Band and can include things like, outdoor games, kids’ spaces, roaming entertainment, photo booth and even table games. Most of these will be based on the style and theme of your special day. However, the most popular form of entertainment is music. It is the one element that crosses the generations and ensures your guests get out of their seats to mingle and dance the night away. Music and dance can create laughter, joy and of course the odd tear during the all-important first dance. The biggest question is do you choose a live band or a DJ? Which do you prefer? Let’s make a pros and cons list:

Band Pros

Bands brings a little extra magic to the day.

If you have specific tastes a band is ideal.

They can be more entertaining even for those not dancing.

You can see them perform prior to booking.

DJ Pros

Often a cheaper option.

Smaller set up

You know when you request a song exactly how it will sound.

Broad variety of songs available to play.

Requests will likely be fulfilled.

A DJ will likely take shorter breaks.

To Watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak

Hopi Indian Saying
Band Cons

Space restrictions.

Can be more expensive.

May not perform well on the night.

May not be able to play every single song you want.

Likely to require at least half hour breaks.

DJ Cons

Harder to get guests on the dance floor.

It’s not live music

You can’t always see them perform prior to the wedding.

Can have a set playlist and little flexibility.

The vibe is totally relying on their personality.

When you have decided whether a DJ or Band is best going to suit your wedding let the interview process begin again. Of course, if your venue has a recommended list of entertainers, start with these as they have proven they can work with your venue’s requirements and generally come highly recommended. However, if you have no list start with finding a few that fit your budget and ask them for a demo recording of their work. This is especially important with a live band. When it comes to a DJ you need to pick their brains to discover if their personality fits with you and your guests and will encourage your guests to get involved and have fun. Whichever way you go make sure your band can play your song well and make sure the DJ is willing to cater their playlist to suit your style. You will find a full list of questions in our DIY Wedding Planning Kit. And if you are a planning your wedding in Gippsland come and join Gippsland Wedding Services on Facebook for a huge range of entertainers.

Huge thank you to Georgia Verrells Photography for this incredible image.